Ticks in Indiana

Ticks in Indiana

Fifteen species of ticks are found in Indiana, but only three of those hard tick species present dangers to human health – the blacklegged tick, American Dog Tick, and the lone star tick.

In general, ticks have three life/growth stages (as illustrated below):

  • The larval stage
  • The nymph stage
  • The adult stage

For our purposes, these stages are important because they can dictate the tick’s appearance, the hosts that it will likely feed on, and the likelihood that it is able to transmit disease.

Hard ticks can survive wherever there is a significant host presence, but they thrive in:

  • Damp, wooded areas where there is a lot of leaf litter
  • In vegetation at the edge of forested areas or next to forest trails
  • Grassy fields
  • Areas around power lines that cut through the woods
  • In and around camp sites
  • Urban yards with tall grass
  • Tall grass and other vegetation next to the highway or at rest stops (such as pet exercise areas)


The Blacklegged Tick

Image Source: CDC

The Lone Star Tick

Image Source: CDC

The American Dog Tick

Image Source: CDC