A Father’s Story

Over time, my health deteriorated to the point that, after a typical day at the office, I would come home, take a nap, wake up and eat dinner, then go directly back to bed for the night. No game nights with my children. No helping them with their homework. Just struggling through workday, eating, and sleeping.

Then, after four years of physical decline, my medical nutritionist suggested that I be tested for Lyme disease. Even after seeing doctors and alternative medical practitioners, I still had no diagnosis to explain my failing health, so I got the test. The nutritionist’s suggestion turned out to be a bittersweet blessing when the test came back positive. At least, now I knew what was causing my issues.

Once these test results came back, I began the lengthy road to healing with a Lyme-experienced physician, and now, after a three-plus-year journey, I am now in the final stages of treatment. I’m still striving to get back to my goal of being 80%-90% of where I was prior to Lyme disease, but, for the first time in a long time, I am hopeful. I am working with a rehab specialist to build back the final stages of my mind and body, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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