Preventing tick bites is the best defense against Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. The key, though, is to be vigilant about ticks, without constantly worrying or panicking over them. Knowing more about how and where ticks attach will help you to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Keep in mind, though, that the best defense against tick bites will consist of a combination of all of the methods outlined in the pages linked below.

The first line of defense is to avoid tick habitats altogether, if possible, when out in nature during warmer months of the year. The second line of defense is to wear treated or protective clothing that will repel and/or kill ticks. And, the third line of defense is to apply skin repellent.

While not 100% effective, taken together, these three defensive layers will offer the best possible protection against ticks.

Create a Tick-Safe Environment

Before You Go Outdoors

After Coming Back Indoors

Protect Your Pets

Remove and Test Ticks

Know The Symptoms