Take a Shower

The Basics

Be sure to take a shower as soon as you can after returning indoors. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends doing this within two hours after coming back inside, because it will help you shed ticks that might be on your body, but are not yet truly attached.

As you shower, do another tick check for bugs that have already attached themselves. The soap and water will make your skin much smoother and make hard ticks easier to feel.

A shower will also give you the opportunity to wash off the insect repellent you applied before going outside.

Additionally, since you have already shed your clothes and put them in the dryer to “de-tick” them, and have done a full body tick check (likely in the bathroom), taking a shower is the next logical step.

If You Find A Tick

Should you find a tick during your shower check, be sure to remove it correctly and safely using the methods outlined in the video below.

For more information about tick removal techniques and tips, visit our Remove A Tick Safely page.