Before You Go Outdoors

Before You Go Outdoors

Before you go outdoors in the months when ticks are most active, you should ask yourself all of the following questions!

How can I make my clothing and gear repel ticks?

What tick repellent should I wear?

How should I safely remove a tick?

How big (or small) are ticks?

Where do ticks live?

When are ticks most active, and how do they find hosts?

A Lyme Discussion with Dr. Kim Lentz, ILC Board Member

ILC board member, Dr. Kim Lentz, was interviewed on the Pat Sullivan Home & Garden Show on May 4, 2024. They discussed a range of topics including the history of Lyme disease, signs of Lyme disease and current treatments, the prevalence of ticks in Indiana, and what to do if you find a tick has attached to you or a loved one. Listen to the interview below.