Clothing and Gear Repellent

Treated or Protective Clothing & Gear

Treated or protective clothing is not just for avid hikers, backpackers, or campers, but anyone who is in or around a possible tick habitat, such as runners, cyclists, golfers, gardeners, landscapers, and children!

Below are two possibilities for outer layers that will repel ticks and allow you to more thoroughly enjoy nature!


Permethrin is an extremely effective chemical repellent that can be applied to outerwear, footwear, and gear (such as backpacks and tents) to keep ticks away, or even kill the bugs moments after contact.

There are three ways to obtain permethrin treated clothing:

DIY - Treatment

  • Advantages: Easy. Cost effective. Can treat basic items like shirts, shorts, socks, jeans, and jackets, as well as high prevention items like shoes, boots, backpacks, & tents.
  • Limitations: Must re-treat every month or after 6 washings. Heed application warnings.
  • Permethrin Safety

Mail In Clothing For Treatment

  • Advantages: Last up to 70 washing. Fast turn around. More items, less $.
  • Limitations: See list of accepted clothing. Excludes certain key prevention items including shoes, backpacks.
  • Permethrin Safety

Purchase Pre-Treated Clothing

  • Advantages: Lasts up to 70 washings. Convenient as you can purchase locally or on-line.
  • Limitations: Excludes certain key prevention items including socks, shoes, backpacks.
  • Permethrin Safety

Increase Your Protection

Permethrin Safety Facts

RynoSkin Total:

RynoSkin Total is a line of breathable, form-fitting undergarments that offer chemical-free protection against bites from a range of pests, including ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes. While the price of these garments might be prohibitive for many families, RynoSkin Total products could be a worthwhile investment for avid hunters, hikers, and campers.

Advantages: Chemical-free. Effectiveness does not wash out. Breathable, sweat wicking fabric. Form-fitting elastic cuff barriers. Stretches to accommodate all body sizes.

Limitations: More expensive than DIY or mail order permethrin treatment. Does not repel or kill ticks, but keeps them from being able to bite. Still have to treat footwear with permethrin. Could cause some discomfort in very humid weather.
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