The Basics

IR3535 was in use in Europe for 20 years as a repellent before it made its way onto US shelves in 1999. This substance has gotten a reputation for being minimally-to-moderately effective against mosquitoes and ticks – offering a relatively short protection timeframe in a concentration of 10% or less.

However, when the concentration is increased to 20%, IR3535 has been shown to provide significantly longer lasting protection against lone star and blacklegged ticks (a.k.a. deer ticks) – up to 12 hours in its spray form.

Product Types and Usage

IR3535 can be found in a myriad of product types with a range of concentrations, including:

  • Sunscreen combination products – both lotion (7.5% concentration) and spray (20% concentration)

IR3535 Safety

Based on data from two decades of usage in Europe with no significant ill effects, and its own toxicology tests, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed the IR3535 to be completely safe for humans.

While it can cause irritation if it enters the eyes, IR3535 does not cause any health risks when ingested, inhaled, or applied to skin.

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