Where Do Ticks Live?

The three hard tick species that pose a threat to human health – the blacklegged tick, the lone star tick, and the American dog tick – can be found anywhere in Indiana. However, the first two do have regions where they are more densely concentrated (see below).

While soft ticks are typically only found in a host’s den or other living area, a hard tick can survive wherever the conditions are hospitable for it, as long as there are enough hosts to feed on.

Typical Hard Tick Habitats

Damp, wooded areas where there is a lot of leaf litter 

In vegetation at the edge of forested areas or next to forest trails

Grassy fields

Areas around power lines that cut through the woods

In and around camp sites

Urban yards with tall grass

Tall grass and other vegetation next to the highway or at rest stops (such as pet exercise areas)

Wood piles

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