Create a Tick-Safe Environment

Create a Tick-Safe Environment

You do not have to be out in the woods on a nature hike to encounter ticks. Many people become infected in their own yards. So, prevention does truly begin at home!

The following actions will help you manage the outdoor spaces on your property to reduce the tick population.

Action 1

Spray the property perimeter with insecticide sprays or granules

Action 2

Remove leaf litter

Action 3

Separate wood piles from your lawn

Action 4

Station Tick Tubes around your property

Action 5

Keep bird feeders and bird baths out of recreational areas

Action 6

Keep paths and walkways clear of brush and tall grasses

Action 7

Consider treating pathways and shady flower beds with insecticide sprays or granules

Action 8

Create tick barriers between your lawn and wooded or grassy areas

Action 9

Create recreational spaces that are away from any tall grass, shrubs or trees

Action 10

Choose plants that do not attract deer