Groom Your Pet After Being Outdoors

Action 3: Groom Your Pet After Being Outdoors

Brushing and doing a tick check on your pet after a walk in wooded or brushy areas, or simply after being out in the yard, will add another layer of protection against ticks – both for the pet and your family.

If any being in your household is going to come into contact with ticks, it will be your dog or your cat. They are lower to the ground, and tend to stray into tick habitats indiscriminately. Dogs and cats also have fur – sometimes very long fur – that can cause ticks to roam rather than bite the animal right away. And, ticks that are scurrying around on your pets will gladly jump onto you or your family members if given the opportunity.

Be sure to brush and thoroughly check your pet – just before going inside, if possible – and wash your hands with soap and water after grooming the animal.

Watch the video below to learn how to safely remove a tick from your pet.