Tick Education Literature (5 Titles)




We have 5 options for tick education media:

Trifold brochures:

  • Create a Tick Safe Environment: Helpful Hints
  • Before You Go Outdoors: Helpful Hints
  • After you Come Back Indoors: A checklist

5×7 postcard:

  • Create a Tick Safe Environment

Laminated business card (perfect for your wallet or posting in the shower)

  • Tick ID card

Pricing is $1.25 per 10 pack of any of our printed media.

Shipping is a flat $3 for up to 50 of any of the printed media. For instance, if you purchase 50 (5×10 each) of the different media items, the cost would be $6.25 +  $3 shipping.

Please note: We ship products twice a month (around the 1st and 15th). If you need your order sooner than this, please place your order and then email us at ilc@indianalymeconnect.org. Also, if you need a large quantity of a brochure title, please contact us by email.

We also have FREE downloadable PDFs of all of our media; visit the printable media library here. 

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Create a Tick Safe Environment (10 pack brochures, $1.25), Before You Go Outdoors (10 pack brochures, $1.25), After you Come Back Indoors (10 pack brochures, $1.25), Create a Tick Safe Environment (10 pack POSTCARDS, $1.25), Tick ID Card (10 pack laminated business cards, $1.25)