For Caregivers & Family

For Caregivers
& Family

Caring for and loving a friend or family member with Lyme Borreliosis can be a humbling and frustrating experience. The Lyme journey is filled with many dark hollows and unexpected detours, and it can be hard to anticipate the needs of a Lyme patient – because the disease is so elusive and unpredictable that the afflicted person may not even know what he or she needs at any given moment.

Another layer of difficulty for caregivers and family members is watching someone you love go from being vibrant and full of life to suffering and struggling just to make it through the day. This illnesses strains relationships, and makes events like holidays and vacations tough to coordinate and enjoy. And, it can often feel like a second full-time job just helping a Lyme patient simply survive – much less have a good quality of life.

Indiana Lyme Connect was founded for both Lyme Borreliosis patients, as well as those who care for them and are trying to help them overcome this debilitating disease. Our monthly support group meetings are always open to caregivers and family members who wish to learn more about this disease that is so profoundly affecting their loved ones. Beginning in August 2020, ILC will also offer a monthly support group meeting just for you! Meetings will be posted on ILC’s FB page with instructions.

Also, stay tuned to this page for ILC events that focus on (and resources for) caregivers and family members of Lyme sufferers.